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Chances are that if you have come to our site you are either a buyer wanting to find out more about what is a flying freehold is and whether you should proceed with buying such a property. Alternatively you own a flying freehold and are either having difficulty in remortgaging or selling your flying freehold property. In either situation, can help

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Flying Freehold services for buyers.

Flying Freehold Marketability Assessment
Even if your proposed lender is prepared to lend on flying freehold it is important that you understand how the lending market as a whole regards flying freeholds and whether they are prepared to lend. For just £5.50 plus VAT the LENDERmonitor Flying Freehold Marketability Assessment will show you which lenders will lend of flying freehold based on their instructions to lawyers. The report will also show recent trends and well as historic trends over the last 6 years so that you can make a more informed decision.
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Flying Freehold services for existing owners.

Flying Freehold Retro Marketability Assessment
Do you feel as though your lawyer or surveyor should have given you clearer advice when you purchased your flying freehold? Were you given the full picture as to what the lending market generally regarded flying freehold at the time? As a cost of £25.00 plus VAT the LENDERmonitor Flying Freehold - Retro Marketability Assessment Report will reveal what lenders leant on flying freehold and what their criteria was to lawyers on a specific date. It will also reveal what the trend was in the previous year.
Flying Freehold Live Chat Service
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Flying Freehold - Conveyancing Panel Service
Please click here and complete the details of your flying freehold or set out your question and we will pass it on to one of our specialist flying freehold panel lawyers to get in touch. For example, one of our panel lawyers can help you and your neighbours for the appropriate deeds to be entered into.

Examples of typical questions relating to flying freehold

  • I’m an experienced developer and just looked at a property in Birmingham that has a flying freehold, one room overhanging a car park access. It's an ideal property at a good price but my concern is when we come to sell it on what obstacles are we going to be presented with.

  • My wife and I have been waiting five weeks for my lender to make a decision even though an indemnity policy for a flying freehold is currently on risk. Why the delay?

  • Roughly what ratio is the maximum a property can have flying freehold for a bank to lend? I have read that some mortgage lenders will lend when a flying freehold is less than a certain %, but if "our" house is fully on top of a neighbor's basement, I'm concerned that the flying freehold %may be too high.

  • We last week accepted an offer on our house in Stoke on Trent and I am getting concerned about the survey, having heard horror stories of lenders wanting certification for everything. The house dates back to the was constructed post WW2. We have a flying freehold. Next door's bedrooms encroaches over our driveway. It's about a metre wide. No right of way exists down the accessway. Is this likely to devalue the property?

  • My wife and I had an offer agreed on a three bedroom townhouse in April. We have spent months trying to get our mortgage offer and now our property lawyer is saying that Virgin Money may withdraw their offer due to the element of flying freehold on the property. In summary a small part of the bathroom goes over a walkway between us and the neighbors. Do you know of any mortgage companies that will lend on a flying freehold ?

  • Today I found out that there is a flying freehold element in a terraced house I put an offer in on a few months back in what was supposed to be a chain free transaction. I feel that I have been duped by the estate agent as she must have suspected given her experience. Do I have any recourse?

  • I have identified a lovely house in Thorne. I have discovered that the attic of the house is owned by the next door neighbours who use it as a dressing room. In the past the two houses were owned by a single family, who split the accommodation. The flying freehold scenario has put other buyers off - since the selling agents weren't up-front about this. My concern is that National Westminster Bank will balk at a property as having a flying freehold element, and that the buildings insurance situation could prove difficult as well. Are you able offer any advice, other than ”do not touch with a bargepole”? Clearly this is not ideal but it is this issue that has brought the price down and within my price bracket.

  • We have identified the house of our dreams. It is far better than anything else we have seen. The concern is it has what we think is a very unusual 'flying freehold' situation. The house has two integral garages, one of which has at some point been sold off to someone who lives up the road. This effectively means that our office room is over the garage which is not our property. Can we buy a flying freehold indemnity policy to cover whatever it is that needs covering in this scenario?

  • I am thinking about purchasing a property in need of restoration. I want to do it up and resell, but the property has a flying freehold as one bedroom is on to of the next doors' hallway Am I likely to to experience a nightmare selling this property - I don't want to purchase, restore and then discover that I have an unmarketable property.

  • My partner and I are at the early stage of thinking about a loft conversion to our 1875 mid-terraced house. We have a flying freehold where our bathroom sits abovenext door neighbour's bedroom. As I have full access to the attic above nextdoors’ bedroom, does that mean that I am entitled to develop the loft area? Next door has no access to this part of the loft area.

Last Update: 7/10/2018

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