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Chances are that if you have come to our site you are either a buyer wanting to find out more about what is a flying freehold is and whether you should proceed with buying such a property. Alternatively you own a flying freehold and are either having difficulty in remortgaging or selling your flying freehold property. In either situation, can help

Warning: Should I Buy a Flying Freehold?

Flying Freehold services for buyers.

Flying Freehold Marketability Assessment
Even if your proposed lender is prepared to lend on flying freehold it is important that you understand how the lending market as a whole regards flying freeholds and whether they are prepared to lend. For just £5.50 plus VAT the LENDERmonitor Flying Freehold Marketability Assessment will show you which lenders will lend of flying freehold based on their instructions to lawyers. The report will also show recent trends and well as historic trends over the last 6 years so that you can make a more informed decision.
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Flying Freehold services for existing owners.

Flying Freehold Retro Marketability Assessment
Do you feel as though your lawyer or surveyor should have given you clearer advice when you purchased your flying freehold? Were you given the full picture as to what the lending market generally regarded flying freehold at the time? As a cost of £25.00 plus VAT the LENDERmonitor Flying Freehold - Retro Marketability Assessment Report will reveal what lenders leant on flying freehold and what their criteria was to lawyers on a specific date. It will also reveal what the trend was in the previous year.
Flying Freehold Live Chat Service
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Flying Freehold - Conveyancing Panel Service
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Recently asked questions about Flying Freeholds .

  • I am interested in a property above a off licence and it has two floors above, both of which are apartments. I am wanting to port my mortgage to this but have been warned that some banks will not lend on flying freeholds. Should I be concerned?

  • My husband and I have seen a house we may offer on. On the left hand side of the house is a little accessway which appears to be on the property of the house, but gives access at the end of it to both the house's garden and the house next door. Over the passageway is the home office of the house we are interested in, not the neighbor's house. Is this regarded as a flying freehold? Is it right that Flying freeholds are a legal minefield?

  • I am purchasing a property which is freehold it has 2 parking spaces underneath which I assume are leasehold to neighbours even though I would own the land they stand on. My lawyer is dissuading my purchase due to it being a flying freehold. Is it true that only a few lenders will lend on Flying Freehold?

  • My husband and I are wondering if it is simple to resell a flying freehold given that some banks refuse to accept such properties as adequate security.

  • My partner and I had an price agreed on a Georgian townhouse in March. We have spent months trying to get our mortgage offer and now our conveyancing practitioner is saying that Bank of Scotland may withdraw their offer due to the element of flying freehold on the house. Basically a small part of the office room goes over a shared passageway between us and the neighbors. Do you know of any banks that will lend on a flying freehold ?

  • Are you able to comment on the relative ease of obtaining a mortgage on a property in a situation where there is a flying freehold. I am interested in purchasing a property where part of the property juts over the passageway. I believe this is know as a flying freehold.Is this likely to restrict the choice of mortgage lender? I am particularly attracted to a mortgage product promoted by Leeds Building Society

  • I am considering acquiring a house in need of restoration. I want to carry out works and resell, but the property has a flying freehold as one bedroom overhangs the next doors' bathroom Am I going to experience a nightmare selling this property - I don't want to purchase, renovate and then discover that I have an unmarketable property.

  • Back in 2010 my wife and I had a full structural survey when we bought our house. Some time after we moved in we discovered that there was a cellar underneath our dining area owned by the next door property. It is accessed via our neighbour's garden and they use it as a storage area. We were not advised of this room, it wasn't flagged up by the surveyor. We are now selling the house and the buyer's solicitor spotted the room regarding this flying freehold as a defect to the extent that the sale collapsed buyers withdrew. This was the first time the reference to a 'flying freehold' was ever raised. Is it conceivable that I may be able to claim compensation from the surveyor?

  • My problem is with the loft space and who owns it, the property is a Edwardian mid-terraced until recently having no division in the roof area. For my neighbours part he has a front bedroom overhanging my bathroom, and I loose the corresponding amount bedroom space. In the loft area he has built a block work wall along the line of the party wall, and then to follow the line above his flying freehold converted the roof space and added velux windows. There was mention of flying freehold in the survey when I bought it 2009. Is my neighbour permitted develop the loft area?

  • My partner and I have fallen in love with a unique property. The fly in the ointment it's a flying freehold. Will we encounter problems getting a mortgage and will it be impossible to sell in the future?

Last Update: 4/2/2019

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